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Bonneville County Fairgrounds!

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Fun Fact:

Did you know that the Bonneville County Fair has been held near the zoo since 1912? That’s over 100 years! Our community has grown substantially since then, and so has participation in the wide variety of programs we have to offer. There is no getting around it, our community has simply outgrown our historic facilities! This year, the Bonneville County Fair Board is excited to invite you to our brand new location for the 2019 county fair, but to make that happen…

We need your help!

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For Our Community… For Our Youth… For Our Future!

The new fairgrounds will be a significant resource for the community. Our new facilities will house the University of Idaho Extension office, Bonneville County 4-H, the Bonneville County Master Gardener Program, Family and Consumer Science Outreach, Agriculture and Horticulture Outreach, and more.

The Family and Consumer Science building will provide a commercial kitchen for learning, an impressive exhibition hall and community event area, a conference room, and an educational classroom. When completed, this new facility will provide nearly 9,000 sq. ft. of ADA accessible community space, complete with ample parking!

Along with the FCS building, the fairgrounds will also be home to three new animal barns, two new horse arenas, and a new sale barn, complete with a spiffy new show ring. The grounds will also provide several picnic areas and space for vendors, which means this year’s fair will be better than ever!

The project is under way!

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Ready to get involved?
There are many ways to join the fun!

We offer a variety of clubs and activities.

STEM and Agriculture- Robotics. Engineering. Environmental Science. Agri-science. Veterinary Science. These are just a few of the programs that Idaho 4-Hers participate in every day, learning new skills to make a difference in our communities. 4-H clubs are using GIS technology to map irrigation canals. They are winning international robotics competitions. And they are using the latest technology to raise and learn the business of sugar beets and other crops. Idaho’s hands on 4-H programs empower youth and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn and become confident members of their communities.

Healthy Living– Health is one of the foundations of the 4-H pledge. Through Idaho 4-H healthy living programs, 4-H youth are learning to make smart and healthy decisions for themselves and are building a foundation to give back to their communities so their friends and family can do the same. 4-H members are creating change with issues that matter most to young people today: nutrition, childhood obesity, drug awareness, bullying, safe driving, suicide prevention, decision-making and stress management. From simple skills such as learning to serve healthy snacks at 4-H meetings to complex responsibilities such as knowing how to be a good friend and leading group activities, 4-Hers are guiding their communities toward a healthy future.

Citizenship– 4-H Youth Development programs teach citizenship through several different programs. By providing opportunities to connect to their communities and work with adult leaders, youth gain a clear understanding of their role in civic affairs and improve their decision making abilities. This solid foundation helps youth understand and acquire the skills to become leaders.

Contact the office to learn more about currently active clubs!

For immediate assistance, please call 208-529-1390.


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4-H Junior Market Livestock

4-H Robotics and Science Clubs

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4-H Archery and Shooting Sports

4-H Equestrian Programs

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4-H Cooking, Sewing, Crafts and more!

The mission of 4-H is empowering youth to reach their full potential through working and learning in partnership with caring adults. Our programs aim to help youth become responsible, productive citizens, who are equipped to meet the changing needs of a diverse society.

We are excited to be bringing these opportunities to our community. We are an army of volunteers, and we’re always looking for help! If you would like to be involved in making Bonneville County the best place ever, please contact us today!



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